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Product Video

Product Video for YouTube and Social MediaProduct videos are great at getting your company’s product out there in front of your audiences eyes!

Producing a video with an impact is important for customer’s to gain an interest in what you’re selling. This can be done through various forms, a straight to the point video of what your product does and why they should buy it, a emotional angle – how the product has made someone’s life easier or even a video that doesn’t straight up advertise the product itself – rather the item features in the video in a obvious way.

Why Make A Product Video?

Show people why your product is the best on the market.
Increase sales on your products.
Generate traffic towards your website and campaigns.
Reach a wider customer base.
Build a greater following on social media.

Product Video Production

Product videos are a powerful and useful tool to businesses who wish to get their products out there in front of their customers eyes. They also have a better chance at increasing your businesses sales as it’s able to reach a wider audience, especially when combined with a marketing campaign in which the video is promoted on social media platforms using a range of hashtags, SEO and much more!

The potential for producing product videos is huge so here are some ideas to get you started:

Your Company – Gain brand awareness from the promotion of your products. Let them know of other products you have for sale.
Answer Questions – Show people what your product does, how much it is, why it’s useful and much more.
Video Series – Produce videos on a variety of products you have for sale.
Call To Action – What do you hope to gain from the video? What are your goals?

Examples Of Great Product Videos

We’ve collected together some great examples of product videos found online to give you some inspiration.

How Much Does A Product Video Cost?

The cost to produce a product video is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Concept creation, planning & storyboarding.
How long it takes to film, the number of locations, the number of actors involved.
How long it takes to edit and the amount of music and motion graphics/titles involved.

We appreciate you may not know the answers to these questions at this time, which is why we invite you to get in touch to discuss your project.

Get In Touch!

If you are looking for a video for your product then we’d be only too happy to help. To discuss your ideas further, please get in touch by calling us on 0117 963 7213 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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