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Interview Video

Interview Video for YouTube and Social MediaIf you’re looking for a way to showcase an engaging conversation with two or more people then an interview video is the right choice for you!

Interview videos are commonly used as a way to show a conversation between two people, usually lead by one person with pre-prepared questions, followed by answers given by the opposing person.

Why Make A Interview Video?

Share your research/information of a discussion.
Convey realism and the emotion from the interview.
Generate traffic towards your website and campaigns.
Build a greater following on social media.

Interview Video Production

Sometimes written interviews are unable to get the emotion and physical attributions across that video interviews are able to. It’s more rewarding being able to see the reaction and the feelings behind each statement a person makes, as there is a sense of realism and honesty from saying someone say something with their own mouth.

The potential for producing interview videos is huge so here are some ideas to get you started:

Introduction – Who are you, what kind of interview topics are you looking to showcase through the power of video.
Video Series – Make several interview videos, with different candidates.
Answer Questions – Provide answers to questions asked throughout the interview.
Call To Action – Do you have a specific need that needs to be met? Any long-term or short-term goals?

Examples Of Great Interview Videos

We’ve collected together some great examples of interview videos found online to give you some inspiration.

How Much Does A Interview Videos Cost?

The cost to produce a interview video is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Concept creation, planning & storyboarding.
How long it takes to film, the number of locations, the number of actors involved.
How long it takes to edit and the amount of music and motion graphics/titles involved.

We appreciate you may not know the answers to these questions at this time, which is why we invite you to get in touch to discuss your project.

Get In Touch!

If you are looking for a video for your interview then we’d be only too happy to help. To discuss your ideas further, please get in touch by calling us on 0117 963 7213 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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