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Artist Video

Artist Video for YouTube and Social MediaAre you looking to showcase your artwork through an artist video?

If you’re a person who often finds themselves getting into creative mischief, whether it be making a giant clay masterpiece in your back-garden or abstract painting the walls with, it can sometimes be difficult to get your art ‘out there’.

Through the power of an artist video you are able to film the process as well as the finished piece and post it online for the large art community that there is.

Why Make An Artist Video?

Share your creative abilities with the online community.
Show the world what type of artist you are.
Increase site traffic and brand awareness.
Network with other artists.
Build a greater following on social media.

Artist Video Production

Artist videos are great for showing off drawings/paintings, clay models, street art and anything else your creative self is capable of! People are often interested in the process which is taken place in order to get to the finish masterpiece, for example a video based upon the process of/the finished artwork.

The potential for producing artist videos is huge, so here are some ideas to get you started:

Introduction – Who are you and what is your fun video idea.
Video Series – Make several artist videos, each covering a different concept.
Awareness – Use your artwork as a means of sharing an important message or generating awareness.
Call To Action – What do you hope to gain from the videos?

Examples Of Great Artist Videos

We’ve collected together some great examples of artist videos found online to give you some inspiration.

Artist Video Price

The cost to produce an artist video is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Concept creation, planning & storyboarding.
How long it takes to film, the number of locations, the number of actors involved.
How long it takes to edit and the amount of music and motion graphics/titles involved.

We appreciate you may not know the answers to these questions at this time, which is why we invite you to get in touch to discuss your project.

Get In Touch!

If you are looking for a video for your art then we’d be only too happy to help. To discuss your ideas further, please get in touch by calling us on 0117 963 7213 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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