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The Importance Of Online Video

Over recent years, online videos are becoming a fundamental part of a businesses website and digital marketing campaigns. Not only are they a great way to give a visual demonstration of what your company does, the products and services you offer and to introduce the members of your team; they also generate a lot of traffic to your website and online campaigns.

A lot of companies struggle to see the importance of having videos on your website and on associating video hosting sites like YouTube for example. Simply by uploading your video to the second largest search engine on the internet, you’re opening up a door to brand awareness, website traffic and potential customers.

It’s also extremely important to optimise your videos, in order for them to get found. With 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute, there are an overwhelming amount of competition and the chance for your video to slip through the video void.

Luckily for you it’s not as complicated as it may seem to market your video effectively!

How To Use Your Video Effectively

Do you want to get your message out there? – we can produce a captivating video that allows you to promote you, your business or your charity to your specific target audience and more! This will result in an increase in your social media following, brand exposure, more website traffic to important landing pages, a boost in business sales.

When it comes to getting your video viewed by the right people, we can help you optimise your video on various video sharing platforms, enabling you to reach a wider target audience. We can also help you further by developing a marketing plan for you increase the traffic to your video and website.

Types Of Videos

When it comes to choosing the type of video you’d like to produce it can become difficult narrowing it down to the appropriate category that will enable your business to benefit most.

For example a charity may feel limited to producing a standard charity video, when there are actually other video types that may also be beneficial for example a fundraising style video or a event video.

Without knowing what type of video you would like to produce, you are unable to take full advantage of the benefits of each style video.

How We Can Help You

Our dedicated team of creators can work with you to discuss your needs and ideas, give you fresh, exciting ideas that will capture the power of online video.

We can also help you understand the importance and effectiveness of having a good marketing plan put together to help the promotion of your videos.

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